Reduce your stress with the StressCoach App

Measure your stress levels in under 2 minutes per day. This will provide your with great insights into your coping with stress, will help you dealing with stress and prevent you from burning-out.


A little stress for a few days or a week does not have to be problem at all sometimes, it will even make you sharper and help you perform better. But as soon as stress becomes a chronic state of readiness, it can seriously deregulate your life. This increased pressure will eventually break you up and can lead to a burn-out.


When something is really wrong, stress can lead to a burn-out. If this happens, you will be stuck at home for months and your life can easily come to a stop for a year or more. And even before the burn-out actually happens you experience decreased happiness and productivity.

Measure Stress

In order to effectively tackle stress, you need the following things:

  • Short daily measurements (under two minutes)
  • Objective measuring tools/results
  • Personal input: how energetic do I feel right now?

When you measure stress in a lab or with a survey, it is impossible to distinguish temporary and chronic stress. After all, those tools measure a single moment and on top of that, it is a hassle to go through these procedures.

The StressCoach App measures your stress over longer periods of time and uses multiple measuring points. Simple, fast and a few times a day. This way, the app can determine your personal ‘baseline’ over the course of a few days. Your stresslevel will not be compared to others, but to your own baseline. This makes the results personal and more relevant. That’s something you can work with.

How does the StressCoach App work?

Together with the TNO institute, we have developed the scientific basis for the StressCoach App, in order to professionally and accurately measure stress. The app is simple:

  • Place your finger relaxed on the camera lens of your mobile phone for 1 minute to measure your Heart Rate Variability (HRV).
  • You answer 3 questions about your mood at that time.
  • After eight measurements you will see personal and objective data, in combination with your personal baseline. This will sketch a reliable picture of your stress level.

Measurement history

The app uses clear graphics to show the course of your stress level over a week or a month. Based on this, you will receive advice on how to handle stress. The more days you measure your stress, the more accurate your advice will be.


Privacy is incredibly important when it comes to personal data. That’s why this app is affiliated with the ISO 27000 certified platform, so you can be certain your personal data is safe.

Companies cannot in any way access confidential information such as stress levels of individual employees. They are permitted to look into stress levels of larger departments as a whole (30 people or more) and that comes with benefits. This way, it is verifiable if reorganization or corporate decisions have a healthy effect on your employees.

You can also connect the StressCoach App to other platforms than, but only if those platforms also secure privacy. If this is a consideration, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is

StressCoach App is partners with This platform is a partnership of scientific institute TNO and other institutions. The goal of the platform is to ensure that employees are employable in a healthy and sustainable way. does this by bringing knowledge and science together. can be seen as a digital ecosystem where employees, employers, knowledge institutes, educational institutions and other institutions work together to ensure a healthy and sustainable employability of the working person.

Developed with TNO

Over the timespan of three years we have worked with TNO to develop the scientific basis of the StressCoach App. We wanted to develop an app that can perform quality measurement and give reliable results.

And we have succeeded. StressCoach App is the only app today that can offer daily stress measurement with the TNO knowledge institute. And we’re very proud of that.

The TNO-approved stress values are the foundations upon which advice and ratings are based. The combination of objective measurements and personal experiences offers a depiction of stress levels that is useful for making reliable statements and actually help you move forward.

What is HRV?

HRV stands for Heart Rate Variability. Research has shown that the minimal variations in the time between two heartbeats can depict the stress you experience.

Thanks to the smartphone and its camera we can now accurately measure the HRV. The only thing you have to do is hold your finger still and relaxed onto the camera lens. The measuring technology of the StressCoachApp is so precise that it has been approved for medical use.


The StressCoach App also gives advice, whether it’s concerning short- or long-term stress. This helps you gain insight into your stress and strategies to help reduce or remove stress. Additionally, you will see if any improvements occur, which is great for creating a solid routine.

This way, you can coach yourself, without necessarily needing an external coach. But if you notice high stress values for an extended period of time, it is wise to contact a certified and experiences lifestyle-coach.

Free Demo-account, no obligations

Do you want to see for yourself how the StressCoach App works? You can start up a demo-account for yourself or with some colleagues.

This is completely free of charge and without commitments, and your data will be secure. Because it’s a demo-version, we will ask you a few short questions through email when you have used the app for a little while to see where we can improve.

StressCoachApp for your organization?
If you wish to introduce the stresscoachapp to part of all of your organization, this is a simple task. You can contact us to assist you in this.


  • Totally free
  • No subscription
  • All data remains secure
  • The best way you and your organisation will be convinced of the power of the StressCoachApp
  • Just a few short questions after you have used it for a while
  • We will use your feedback to improve our service

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