StressCoach App

for Body and Fit

As an employee of Body and Fit, here you’ll find all information about installing, measuring and privacy.

If you have questions or remarks, let us know.

First of all install the app on your phone via these buttons:

After installing and logging in (top button) with you credentials (see email) you’ll get 8 questions about how you generally cope with stress. This is a one time  questionnaire. Following that you can start measuring.


First you should set your birthdate. This is necessary because the stress norms are age related.

Set you language

When you’re at the settingspage you can also look at the reminders you can set for different moments and different situations. Use as many you like.

The last option is about the start of the morning measurement. On auto it will start as soon as you open the app. Convenient when you are used to the procedure and do the morning measurement while slowly waking up. You can also start the measurement manually.

How to measure

The measurement is very easy to do, but the first time you might need to practise a bit.

All phones have different camera lay outs. Try to find a comfortable way to cover the lens of the camera with the top of you index finger and the flash lower on that same finger. Hold hand still and apply a constant light pressure (Too much pressure will block the blood flow through the top of your finger). Don’t talk and move, just enjoy this moment of rest. Your phone will give a signal when you are done with the measurement. There is no need to constantly watch the screen.

When you look at the feedback during the measurement you can find out if you have the right camera. At first it is a bit trial and error. Don’t give up too soon.


Measure your stress in different situations.

Your morning measurement is the basic requirement. From the morning baseline all other results will be derived.

To learn how you cope with stressful situations during the day, set a daily reminder at a moment that you know you generally have a short break after a couple of hours work. You can do this for work, exercise, eating and relaxing situations.

What is Resilience?

The results show three different values:

Resilience, Stress-score, Heart rate

These value are interconnected. The combination of the personal baseline in the Stress-score and the Heart Rate result in the resilience score. The higher your resilience the better


Via the menu (top left) you can go to the History screen. Here you’ll find all you measurements sorted by situation and selectable by period of time and averaged on day, week or month.

You can easily see when your stress-score was green, orange or red indicating the amount of stress you experienced. If you have a lot of measurements in the red zone you might need some help to recover before you hit the wall and have a burnout.


Personal data is sensitive. At StressCoach App we take this very seriously. We wil never share your data with third parties. Our servers have certified industry protection.

When the group of Body and Fit users is big enough we could provide a management summary of the data. The purpose is to give insight in general stress levels that could help the company in developing a better woking environment.

If you have any questions send us an email.